Lil' Franky is going to be an antagonist in Tycrazmania. He is based off an older FNAF OC by Tyler Alhstrom, Lockjaw.

Physical Information Edit

Lil' Franky is a white skinned human. He has a big head, green eyes, brown hair, and a brown beard that meets the mustache, thin arms and thin legs. He wears a black fedora, with a red stripe, a blue long sleeve shirt, a dark blue jacket, blue cut gloves, dark nlue jeans, and black shoes.

Persona Edit

Lil' Franky is a pissy motherfucker, who is jealous and hates Tycraz, for being one of the main reasons for TRTF's cancellation, and having "a better game than his". He is the master of Mass Destruction, and he constantly breaks the 4th wall.